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In an age where the success of anything is based largely on Views and Likes, reach, awareness, and the immediacy of the message through social media plus how creatively one uses every online delivery platform available to maximum effect, the Hong Kong Jockey Club just might have created a bit of history for a racing [...]

By Hans Ebert It takes a lot for a train to cry and it takes a lot for a dam to burst and, gawd knows, it takes having to sidestep so many half-baked promises, and flimflam fakers to get to halfway near nowhere as a- I don’t really know, anymore. A chanteuse? Recording artist- and [...]

Once you get past her obvious assets- and she really didn’t need to flaunt them- Jess Greenberg is one helluva guitarist and a singer with enough potential to be much more than what’s heard on the video below. Can she write original material? Will she make it without putting it all out there? No idea, [...]

(Source: The Mystery World) Welsh singer-songwriter Ben Semmens has just recorded a song, has an accompanying video for it and gigs set to promote this release- and is being paid for his work. What makes all this interesting is that the idea to have the song written and recorded has come from a horse racing [...]

“It has to do with the culture and Hong Kong culture just does not help someone have this International sound.” This was someone trying to explain to me why Wales-based singer-songwriter Ben Semmens, currently performing in Hong Kong, is by far the best damn performer the Hong Kong Jockey Club has booked for its very [...]


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(Source: Isis Interventions) It’s not always about money and there are those rare times when something or someone- a higher being- consumes you so much to make it happen that even personal relationships are either pushed to the background or are terminated forever. And so it was with the idea of taking the Serenity Prayer [...]

Singer-songwriter Cindy Gomez did a gig last night at the Hong Kong Jockey Club for the Audemars Piguet Gala Dinner. Yes, very posh and also very profitable for her and her backing band led by my mate Blaine Whittaker. Okay, so, if I didn’t know better and was not involved in this gig, I’d be [...]

Try and follow me here: Musicians need venues to make themselves heard- and make some $$$$ in return- and yet, many keep looking at the same old places and spaces and working with the same old tired promoters and “gig meisters” with the same old tired ideas regarding marketing and promotion. You know where the [...]

In the retail sector, the mantra has always been, “Location, location, location,” and in the horse racing industry, it should be, “Marketing, marketing, marketing”. But, whoa, hold your horses, l’il doggies, where is it? Racing clubs cannot even attract good creative or marketing talent and so they are left with some also-rans who have- maybe- [...]