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By Hans Ebert A friend recently asked who is the best music company executive. The “best” in any industry is tough to name these days as so much is hidden from view with smoke and mirrors creating illusions (and delusion) of success, whereas in the music industry, the impression, rightly or wrongly, is that it’s [...]

I was writing a strategy for a horse racing club and what kept coming up was this industry’s need for a game changer or game changers. Right now, the hardcore punter and horse owner is getting older by the day. Racing is no longer “The Sport Of Kings” as there are few “kings” around. Plus [...]

Once upon a time, a good A&R person was priceless. They found the artists, they signed them up, they nurtured them, they knew which songs would be hits and they drove the entire creative process. Over the years, with armies of “Digital Folks” and New Media Experts and new media marketing and traditional marketing [...]

Michelle forwarded me this article- very well-written, on the one hand making sense, on the other, contradicting itself and, to me,  just too much of The Blame Game and with way too much of the usual hand-wringing. Don’t get me wrong: It’s a worthwhile read just to perhaps see where and how it has- and [...]