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  It’s been swift in more ways than one- the rise and rise of fabulously popular and successful singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, 25, who’s gone from being almost a serial “dumpee” whose queue of short-lived romances have led to a series of Big Hurt songs, to now being hailed as something like the Joan Of Arc [...]

Now that life as we know it has ground to a halt following the second coming of Yeesus and his marriage to Betty Boomba Kardashian- and an uneasy and surprising roaring silence about it all even from those purveyors of all things mediocre- where does one go to live again? Well, the fallout from the [...]

Dear Kanye, Let me start by saying you’re a damn good rapper and I thought Love Lockdown was a very well produced track which I liked for almost a month. Hell, I don’t even like McNuggets for a month, but I liked that primitive drum loaded Kunta Kunte beat of McLove Lockdown with your auto-tuned [...]