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No one said life would be easy, but they also never warned that it would also be so damn difficult, especially when making music, writing a song for the pure joy of it, and then, having that initial ego boost of people wanting actually wanting to pay money for the song via sync deals etc [...]

( PRESS RELEASE Hong Kong, September 2, 2014: Home is where the heart is and, to many, home on a weekday in Hong Kong is attending a Happy Wednesday night at Happy Valley Racecourse. Now, there’s a song about all this, called, naturally enough, “Home”, which doubles and triples as the musical anthem for the [...]

Last week a group of us ended up in one of the most surreal karaoke lounges anywhere in the world where one expects to see midgets and the candy coloured clown performing as if in a scene from “Twin Peaks”, or “Blue Velvet”. It’s all very David Lynch film noire. Instead, in this pretty much [...]

Watching the recent Emmy Awards with a major hurl about to happen every time the fawning hosts gushed over and interviewed every person showboating down the red carpet about “who they were wearing”, made me think what if there had been Jimi Hendrix out there in his military garb, or Bob Marley, or Keith Moon, [...]

What we have here is not just a failure to communicate, but a dreadful lowering of standards where we have gone from being able to speak in shorthand and get things done by multi-tasking to juggling two balls in the air, fumbling with that one act affair and everything going around in one never-ending circle [...]

A friend of mine sent me a link to John Denver singing his own song, Leaving On A Jet Plane, first a hit for Peter, Paul and Mary in the Sixties, then, Chantal Kreviazuk. and, most recently, was recorded by the Cast of Glee. The yard goes on forever- and so does a great song. [...]

Forget this Ice Bucket Challenge that has got hopelessly lost its fundraising direction, and has become as dumbed down as Going Gangnam Style. Instead, take up my The No iPhone For A Day (NiFAD) Challenge. Share this:EmailPrintFacebookDigg

It’s a little strange to think that after all this time, Hong Kong doesn’t have a song it can call its own. Apart from the comical chop suey of a song made famous in the Sixties called “Kowloon Hong Kong” by a female group from the Philippines named The Reynettes, there have only been songs [...]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WINTUNES CREATES A HORSE RACING FIRST. (Source: Nipic) Hong Kong, June 29: Sure, there have been ring tones, ring tunes and jingles. But all these for horse racing and horse racing personalities? This is exactly what singer-songwriter Ben Semmens from Wales and Hans Ebert, Chairman and CEO of We-Enhance and and [...]

Hong Kong, February 1, 2013: Singer-songwriter Ben Semmens from Wales has signed an exclusive Management contract with Hong Kong-based Fast Track Global Limited and which sees the Company entering the world of entertainment. “Ben is a very special talent I have always believed in,” says Hans Ebert, Chairman and CEO of We-Enhance Inc and Fast [...]