By Hans Ebert Maybe “Fix You” was considered too sappy by some, maybe Chris Martin’s marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow was “too Hollywood” for “Rock and Roll”, whereas all the space given by the media to what they named their kids, and all that “unconscious uncoupling” Goop talk when their marriage fell apart, was probably too [...]

By Hans Ebert After an overkill of importance placed on the Super Bowl Half-time show, this, too, has now come and gone. Though realising that one had to be there to fully understand and appreciate the pomp and ceremony of the occasion, for television audiences not knowing anything about the teams playing and, depending on [...]

Being a celebrity- even a pseudo one- has its rewards. It’s kinda like owning a Platinum Amex Card where flashing it opens doors once shut with there being a “I’m The King Of The World” feeling that anything is possible- and often is- especially if a reality TV, er, “star” when those 15 Minutes Of [...] I first read about the new Willow Smith single and video and then watched it. It proves just what is wrong with the music industry and just how just much hype is involved- it always has been but not to this level as hype today has such a large playing field-  and how the [...]

It’s the economics, stupid, and, right now, what is upper-most in the minds of most musicians currently not recording is how, without a recording deal, or a deal without an UN-RECOUPABLE advance, how the hell does one record the music inside of them and have some spare change for its marketing and at least SOME [...]

Some of us were discussing last night how new artists today have such a short window of opportunity. With everything- and there’s heaps- out there, here today and gone tomorrow is more true than ever. And over the past few weeks, for whatever reason, this window is getting narrower. Sorry Bieber fans, but is it [...]