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The more things change, the more they remain the same and when it comes to Asia’s truly puny and pathetic music industry- puny because no one knows where the real money is and just plays follow the leader when there are actually no leaders but only sheep- nothing ever changes as the “new” hires have [...]

Know what’s wrong with the music business today? Stupidly naive people trying to make it work and not knowing where to start while networking- more like nutworking- inside the same sheltered, insular bubble where they think they live happily ever after in their la la world, totally oblivious to how this world works which really [...]

Sometimes you start writing and you have no idea where it will lead and how it will end and which is why words and linking them with thoughts can be a trippy magical mystery tour. It’s like writing a song and not knowing where the next line will come from and how you got there. [...]

Greater China is full of movers and shakers and with many shaking but not going anywhere. There are, of course, more WANNA movers and shakers but these are mostly delusionary characters and legends in their own lunchtime who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk along a straight line. They zig-zag all over the [...]

“We believe this transaction is an exceptional value-maximizing opportunity that serves the best interests of stockholders as well as the best interests of music fans, our recording artists and songwriters, and the wonderful people of this company. Most importantly, Access supports Warner Music’s commitment to our recording artists and songwriters who are the foundation of [...]

For all those who’ve written about other topics that should be tackled at the upcoming Music Matters conference, well, sadly, most are unprintable. Interesting and spot-on, but interesting. And then, came this email from Pato Leung. I know. Who? Pato Leung was a “pop journalist” during the  Sixties and Seventies in Hong Kong who couldn’t [...]


A reader wrote in with an interesting, “Hmmmmm” to the end of his email. This was in response to my article that there is NO MONEY to be made with music in China. His confusion, or whatever, you wish to call it, had to do with the first Music Matters conference to be held in [...]

You really know Hong Kong- and its tenuous “music scene”- is down the crapper when the city’s Chief Executive- Donald “Bo Bo Bowtie” Tsang- films a Christmas Greeting- or something like that- with Chinese-American rapper MC Jin. Sorry, MC, but those jingle bell musical politics makes me cringe and is far more offensive than anything [...]

The news that Hong Kong-based Norman Cheng has decided to leave Gold Typhoon, the successful Independent Greater China-focused music company he founded over eight years ago to his partner Pacific Capital, has made many wonder about a number of things. Does it signal the end of music companies in Asia- as we know it? Has [...]