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By Hans Ebert You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need, and to keep Rock and Roll and the Blues and that renegade lifestyle that we all want and lead vicariously, we’ve always wanted Keef. And today, on his 73rd birthday, we need him more than ever. Why? Because [...]

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Music is a secret door to our past. It’s that simple. But, somehow, and somewhere over the rainbow, it’s been so over-complicated that it has lost its innocence, its heart, its soul and its reason for being. It’s what happens when something so personal becomes a business, and that business, needing to grow, feeds one [...]

(Source: Wiki) Like George Harrison, Keith Richard was and is not the greatest guitarist in the world, but, like late Beatle, The Coolest Man In The World has given us some of the greatest guitar riffs in music. (Source: Chzbgr) Sure, they are nothing as Byzantine in Moby Dick sonic boom proportions as Jimmy Page’s [...]