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By Hans Ebert Saying 2016 has been a bad year for music- and this year ain’t over yet- is an understatement. So is saying it’s been a bad year for the world of entertainment and the world in general. Whatever’s in the water, it’s not helped that river of life to be smooth sailing. No [...]


Posted: 27th December 2016 by We-Enhance in Music

Dear Friends, When I saw your Calendar cover today about George Michael, “the reluctant pop star,” my first reaction was he should thank the good Lord every morning when he wakes up to have all that he has. And that’ll make two of us thanking God every morning for all that we have. I don’t [...]

By Hans Ebert It’s been said before and it’s been said many times this year: Life’s too short. And today, the day after Christmas, came the news that George Michael had his Last Christmas and decided to leave us at the age of 53, and join Prince, Bowie, Glenn Frey, Rick Parfitt from Status Quo, [...]

By Hans Ebert The longer I’m here, the more there’s the feeling that Melbourne is evolving to a point where the city’s elders and creatures of habit will, sooner rather than later, be replaced by a more vibrant music-driven city. It’s not going to happen overnight, but there are many things going on in a [...]

(Source: Cartoon Stock) A very long time ago, but long after vinyl, PolyGram Asia released the first record by Filipina Regine Vellasquez and cutely titled it “Listen Without Prejudice” despite knowing George Michael had released a record with the same title. (Source: (Source: 991) The reason for the title came from the exec who [...]

Where the hell did he go wrong? Yeah, I know: Flitting from public lavatory to the park, being set-up, or he himself, being set down, has the habit of walking and driving into the “dark forest” looking for Bambi’ mother, proclaiming  undying and unflinching great love for his partner, Kenny, on “Oprah”, showing off his [...]