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By Hans Ebert Remember bands? You know, 4-5 guys who played guitars, drums and maybe keyboards with one lead singer who would play with his big hair, and always have the urge to grab his crotch and scream out in a high-pitched voice about back doors and lemons while the guitarist would pose and preen [...]

Is “American Idol” about to be the game-changer of television talent shows and produce a real shocker at the end of this season which will rain on the parade of Simon Cowell’s “X Factor”and make all the current hype about “the new judge” and sound-bites from only confirmed judge- “L.A” Reid, kinda the poor man’s [...] Okay, we don’t expect to hear Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row-meets-Highway 61 Revisited-meets-Like A Rolling Stone lyricism every time we hear a song. Sure, we need to take in Fergie’s bragging and titled “My Humps” along with Katy Perry’s “Peacock” and the catchy refrain of “I wanna see your peacock, cock cock, I wanna see [...]

And now comes the news from Forbes, no, less, that Black Eyed Peas never got paid for their horrific Super Bowl Half-Time performance. Apparently, no act that performs at the game’s Half-Time even gets paid. They perform free for “the exposure” and the freebies such as flights etc thrown in for their traveling crews etc. [...]

Seriously, watch and listen to the sounds emanating from this performance by Fergie and the rest of her Black Doe-Eyed Peas again- if you can bear it. Then think: If she were some unknown auditioning for “American Idol”, how far would she go? And if she made it to “Hollywood Week”, how long would she [...]

Some acts should be seen and not heard. And watching the Super Bowl 2011 Half Time Show today, it’s exactly what I thought about Black Eyed Peas. Sure, their records are well-produced, catchy and hugely successful and they are the Aqua of this Generation with their beats, costumes, humps and recording studio trickery. But there [...]