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By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk Believe me, we’re trying to change things around. The question is whether we’ve left it all a little too late and are happy to just coast, because it pays the rent. And as no one’s getting any younger, to many, that’s life’s main priority. Maybe we don’t want to change the [...]

By Hans Ebert It takes a lot to laugh, and a train to cry, and, sometimes, it takes someone or everyone to plant a seed for inspiration to grow. These days, inspiration is in short supply around the world where brother no longer trusts brother, and the world’s power brokers are trying to convert this [...]

By Hans Ebert After an overkill of importance placed on the Super Bowl Half-time show, this, too, has now come and gone. Though realising that one had to be there to fully understand and appreciate the pomp and ceremony of the occasion, for television audiences not knowing anything about the teams playing and, depending on [...]

As John Lennon proved with “In My Life”, and, of course, “Imagine”, music is a great leveler and one of the greatest healers we have. The music of the Beatles- as a band and as solo artists- Brian Wilson- especially with his epic Pet Sounds project, and Dylan before he started to become a parody [...]

It’s been a long day’s journey into the night with a few rays of sunshine, but the more women I meet, the more I know that the woman I need in my life, at this time and place, is someone who is either in music or knows her music. Without this love and appreciation for [...]

In any industry, if something is not working and the wheel has broken, one changes those who can fix it and gets things rolling again. No one carries on with a broken wheel hoping that by some miracle everything will fall into place by divine intervention and the industry will re-create itself. (Source: All Posters [...]

Few in the West who are still trying to conquer the China market seem to understand this: The tail- as they see it- does indeed wag the tail. For example, despite the hype of “performing in China”, how many Chinese punters cared or even knew about the Stones or Jay Z or Beyonce etc? Frankly, [...]

It all depends on one’s interpretation of the word “Jazz”. And if we are to deal in labels to define music, then Korea is more than 24-member boy and girl K-Pop groups born in “grooming schools” and picked and chosen for their looks and then unleashed like just so many McKim Chee Burgers which are [...]

One would have thought that the old con and mantra that one should look at this or that as “promotion” and so, “do it for free” and which has been repeated for decades by everyone from promoters and music companies to mobile phone companies and organizers of music conferences had stopped by now.   But, [...]