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Quite a few people have asked, “Mate/Man/Dude/Hey, why do you write so much about ‘American Idol?’ Does anyone really care?’” I don’t just think so, I know so ‘cos the “views” go waaaaay up plus, love it or not, there is no way one an ignore the show. When the history books are written or [...]

Where the hell did he go wrong? Yeah, I know: Flitting from public lavatory to the park, being set-up, or he himself, being set down, has the habit of walking and driving into the “dark forest” looking for Bambi’ mother, proclaiming  undying and unflinching great love for his partner, Kenny, on “Oprah”, showing off his [...]

  If I were Simon Cowell, I’d be going to see a good fung shui man, having my head shaved bald to “shed” the bad luck and finding out from him where to move my furniture around so good luck starts to come my way. Almost overnight, there has been a sustained backlash on “X [...]