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DAVE STEWART LAUNCHING ‘THE VOICE FOR SONGWRITERS’ AS HE SIGNS TO BMG Some read the news above about Dave Stewart and tweeted that The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz was back. But he’s never left the building with Elvis, or given up keeping on. Possibly the only thing he hasn’t done is collaborate with Kanye [...]

“It has to do with the culture and Hong Kong culture just does not help someone have this International sound.” This was someone trying to explain to me why Wales-based singer-songwriter Ben Semmens, currently performing in Hong Kong, is by far the best damn performer the Hong Kong Jockey Club has booked for its very [...]

Try and follow me here: Musicians need venues to make themselves heard- and make some $$$$ in return- and yet, many keep looking at the same old places and spaces and working with the same old tired promoters and “gig meisters” with the same old tired ideas regarding marketing and promotion. You know where the [...]

First, a commercial break before delving into the murky depths of the music business: Jimmy Fallon as Charlie Sheen and “Winning”. In China, the “going rate” to have a song published by Warner-Chappell Music cleared so you can cover it is around US$2,000. How did they come up with this number? No one knows. Every [...]

WHERE’S THE BEEF? WHERE’S THE CONTENT? Image registered under Creative Commons by-SA license by Mario Pena If, as they say, “content is king”, there are an awful lotta television channels that need some jokers and queens, let alone a few aces in the hole. Right now, in this region, there are new channels opening [...]