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“What’s good is that she doesn’t look like a Filipino. She’s very white. She looks mixed.” This was someone commenting on Jennifer Palor, one of the more in-demand and popular singers in Hong Kong- a proud Filipina who’s lived and worked in Hong Kong for close to twenty years and has paid her dues playing [...]

By Hans Ebert I was at Peel Fresco in Soho and the guy next to me stood up and cheered wildly. I asked him if he liked the performer and he shrugged his shoulders. He was simply following the monkey see, monkey do shuffle and just being another brick in the lemmings wall and applauding [...]

By Hans Ebert I went to Joyce Is Not Here last week to listen to UK-based Brazilian artist Heidi Vogel. Now, HERE is a singer! People in Hong Kong rabbit on about being “jazz singers.” They are not. They are JISM singers- pretentious, singers full of so many cliches and grandstanding that they become high [...]