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By Hans Ebert A friend in music was trying to find “solace” in the recent cases of Alanis Morrisette being duped by her former manager for millions, and Sir Paul fighting with ATV/Sony Publishing to buy back his and John Lennon’s early catalogue of songs. Call me naive, but how did we ever get to [...]

By Hans Ebert Many want to put the house in order- and put Humpty Dumpty back together again- but, gawd knows, it’s not easy when there’s such a lack of genuine musical talent, creativity and originality around. It’s enough to make a grown man cry into his bowl of wonton noodles. That’s not being cruel, [...]

By Hans Ebert A friend in horse racing recently asked who I thought was the best music executive in Asia. The answer was easy: No one. If there was a “best”, or even an “effective” music executive, this region wouldn’t be seen as existing only as a token gesture. Making up only a minuscule percentage [...]

By Hans Ebert Suffering from Adeleosiphilitis? Tired to watch one more spoof of the dear lady’s “Hello”, the uniquely titled first track off her upcoming record “25″ that’s been over four years in the making? Bored shitless reading that she and Damon Albarn couldn’t write together, and that he fobbed her off as being “insecure” [...]

A friend of mine sent me a link to John Denver singing his own song, Leaving On A Jet Plane, first a hit for Peter, Paul and Mary in the Sixties, then, Chantal Kreviazuk. and, most recently, was recorded by the Cast of Glee. The yard goes on forever- and so does a great song. [...]

As John Lennon proved with “In My Life”, and, of course, “Imagine”, music is a great leveler and one of the greatest healers we have. The music of the Beatles- as a band and as solo artists- Brian Wilson- especially with his epic Pet Sounds project, and Dylan before he started to become a parody [...]

What a strange and fascinating trip it has been for the steel drum to be accepted as a musical instrument and for its players to be accepted by the country of its origin. (Source: Class Actp) Watching the fascinating video below, It’s been a long, dark, dank and dangerous music like a Beastie Boys anthem [...]

I somehow managed to see a very weird commercial for The Dog Whisper’s program where Lionel Ritchie’s Hello was rewritten to actually accommodate the words, “I am Cesar, The Dog Whisperer.” Mr. Lionel’s video for his song remains very weird but this new mangled promo is just plain bizarre. Anyway, this promo and the onslaught [...]


Posted: 29th October 2012 by We-Enhance in Music

Well, reading the shock news below, guess there goes my dreams of a new project from the former/current/in-between Blur front man? Unless he fights the law and wins? Or creates a new app during lunch and where all his projects can be downloaded for free? Speaking of whom, how many knows he also has a [...]

Gorillaz or guerillas? Vivien Westwood or Clint Eastwood? World Music or “world music” or just simply music and without this music being relegated depending on the “status” of a country into some token Third World co-starring role. As the clip above shows, Damon Albarn understands how music must not have any labels to shut it [...]