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(Source: Francis Fares) Years ago and long before apps and saps and social media, Simon Fuller created a series called Pop Goes English, a fun way to learn English through pop music and a showcase for the group he was managing at the time called SClub7. Despite having the ELT division of the Pearson Group [...]

My old mate Jasper Donat’s “rebuttal” against a question by a reader as to why his company, Branded, the organiser’s of Asia’s Music Matters conference does not pay for the acts  performing for free at the event is an important one and should be screamed from the top of buildings and be preached from the [...]

Well, as time for another Music Matters rolls around and every time I receive updates about it, my mind wonders about this annual tribal gathering for the music industry in Asia. This year, Branded, the organisers, have taken their “show” to Singapore for the first time. Could this move  expect to see someone light a [...]

“Haw, haw, they don’t care if they lose money in the concert business, because- haw, haw, haw- they are in property and their father is the head of something like the Chinese KGB and-haw, haw, haw- this money is peanuts to their other business so they don’t mind paying anything for Janet Jackson or anyone [...]

A reader wrote in with an interesting, “Hmmmmm” to the end of his email. This was in response to my article that there is NO MONEY to be made with music in China. His confusion, or whatever, you wish to call it, had to do with the first Music Matters conference to be held in [...]

One would have thought that the old con and mantra that one should look at this or that as “promotion” and so, “do it for free” and which has been repeated for decades by everyone from promoters and music companies to mobile phone companies and organizers of music conferences had stopped by now.   But, [...]

I read this headline- “Getting Your Music Into China”- and I thought to myself, Yes, “And then What?” As for the second part of the question- “What’s Popular There and Why”, the answer is this:  No one knows. Everyone is an expert on China, but when it comes to music, it’s still all guess work, [...]