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Another round of “American Idol” will roll around or lumber along today and- you know what?- who cares? Jacob, James, Hayley, Mills, Glenn, Eric de Fontenay, Darryl, Douglas, Hans, Heinz, Han- who f-ing cares? Though I shall always be impressed with the sheer viewing power of  “Idol” and how it can make even the most [...] Laugh all you want, but the Ark Music Factory has made us part of their viral marketing team…and again, just as we all help Mark Zuckerberg get richer every day by working for free to make the Facebook stock rise every day,  we are fanning the flames and spreading the word about the Twitter [...]

“You have got to take back the power”. These were the words of advice from my very best female friend about a relationship of mine which has ended on pretty ugly terms. Of course, she is right, and, “taking back the power” can certainly be used when it comes to music and the music industry. [...]

When a Hong Kong-based Rap artist jumps on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon- wait, the Cracked Charlie train wreck, or the Sheen Express- one has to think if this is blatant opportunism, or meant to be genuinely funny. I’ll take a crack at the former. Rapper MC Jin was originally signed to Virgin America after winning [...]

Forget social networking. Just plain networking has reached almost epidemic and “nutworking” proportions and with everyone having “an angle” and everyone wanting people to know who they know thinking this will be open the floodgates to more “nutworking” and coming at everyone from different angles. The problem with “nutworking” is that it’s closely associated with [...]