By Hans Ebert Remember bands? You know, 4-5 guys who played guitars, drums and maybe keyboards with one lead singer who would play with his big hair, and always have the urge to grab his crotch and scream out in a high-pitched voice about back doors and lemons while the guitarist would pose and preen [...]


Hong Kong has a habit of flogging a dead horse to death, which meant six- SIX- viewings of the same “American Idol” show in less than 24 hours. And as I cannot sleep without the television on and which meant [one girlfriend leaving- one of many reasons] watching James Durbin again and again and again. [...]

Every day, there is someone or some company out there willing to help new musicians- songwriters, bands, solo artists, polka bands etc through various sites.  Over the years, we have seen many come and go and some outstay their welcome. Who mentioned MySpace? Do these sites work? How do they work? Can they really deliver [...]