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By Hans Ebert FOR STARTERS Before one moves forward, there’s a need to revisit the past. It humbles you. Speaking recently with well-known Hong Kong-born media personality Michael Chugani about what’s really going on in this city these days, and the reason for what appears to be an overflow of anger, his reply- and it [...]

And one wonders why the ‘live’ music scene in Hong Kong is no longer on life support, but dead, dead, dead with not even that one-time supporter of bringing quality Adult Contemporary/Jazz/Jizz to her Sevva establishment- Bonnie Gokson- probably singing that Peggy Lee classic, “Is That All There Is?” Is all there is in Hong [...]

There is Jazz and there is Jizz, and most of the Hong Kong-based “jazz singers” are actually singing jizz- an often embarrassing concoction of self-indulgence comprising very scattered scatting, mimicry that’s cartoon-like, and material that’s so well-trodden, it’s full of career potholes. And yet, so many keep walking into them like lemmings. It’s why the [...]

In any industry, if something is not working and the wheel has broken, one changes those who can fix it and gets things rolling again. No one carries on with a broken wheel hoping that by some miracle everything will fall into place by divine intervention and the industry will re-create itself. (Source: All Posters [...]

By Hans Ebert I went to Joyce Is Not Here last week to listen to UK-based Brazilian artist Heidi Vogel. Now, HERE is a singer! People in Hong Kong rabbit on about being “jazz singers.” They are not. They are JISM singers- pretentious, singers full of so many cliches and grandstanding that they become high [...]

Some may call it being flavors of the month, but when in a musical desert like Hong Kong where venues with good ‘live’ music are as rare as five star hotel bars with lounge singers being Norah Jones one minute and Liza Minnelli are ubiquitous, a new name quickly becomes the talk of the town. [...]