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Read the blog below from respected and outspoken American music blogger Bob Lefsetz. Simply change the music industry to the Australian horse racing industry. Apple’s Tim Cook can be any of the racing administrators involved in the Ride Guide farce. Music fans can be punters, and Katy Perry and her team can be the circus [...]

A friend of mine recently resigned from a major music company- nothing really earth-shatteringly surprising as those days when working for one of the majors or an indie or a minor or even a mynah bird was considered a passport to “coolness”. Yes, people, once upon a CD, working for a music company was a [...]

(Source: Old Computers) Everyone can offer advice on how to do something better after something has been done which means there are the doers and there are the pundits, mostly, self-proclaimed self-help gurus who need more help than most. (Source: Toon Pool) In music, of course, everyone and their dog Nipper has advice on how [...]

(Source: Mac Millan) The April Fools Day ramblings below my preamble from American music blogger Bob Lefsetz, below, might be way over the heads of racing fans, but despite the avalanche of names and bullshit mentioned, it should be compulsory reading to those running racing clubs- and those running music companies who have become so [...]


Posted: 11th January 2013 by We-Enhance in Music
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Comment: I first heard about the Bowie release from Lefsetzā€™s blog which I now no longer subscribe to. The song (and the video that comes with it) is a seminal moment for me. It encapsulates the complicated mix of emotions that many feel right now; displacement, melancholy, disillusionment and the need to be loved. Its [...]

I have never met veteran American music blogger Bob Lefsetz in my life though I am sure he is a very nice man. The closest I ever got to him was attending a music conference in Hong Kong where he was paid to be a keynote speaker. Apart from some “rock and droll” swearing which [...]

We have heard shitty bands, but how on earth did these knobs called Airborne get a gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Macau? And we hear, it wasn’t cheap. Whoever booked them should be fired. As for Airborne, we think they have nose-dived, crashed and burned. Listen. Why does the UK/US/Europe think they can [...]

I was having dinner with a mate and former music executive over the weekend. He saw “The Long Tail” being snipped off, cashed in his chips and is now playing a waiting game taking tennis lessons and seeing what will happen when the dust finally settles. He’s also there watching Warner being acquired, everyone “in [...]

Every day, we read about what’s wrong with the music industry- how the majors are finished,  illegal downloads are killing everything, streaming versus downloads, to be Free or not to be Free. Bloggers who have been in the music game for too long name drop about what “Irving” and “Michael” and “Lyor” are doing “right” [...]

Quiet revolutions used to work as did the old saying about, “Evolution. Not Revolution”. The songs of Dylan, Lennon, before them, Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, and later, Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Neil Young, Stephen Still, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and way too many others to name, were all part of this Quiet Revolution and [...]