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They might think they’re playing “jazz” when in actuality, they’re simply retreading well-known standards, yet, for reasons unknown to me, there is this overriding need to be seen as being “jazz cats”, the same old group of usual suspects in Hong Kong who move in herds and “blow” at the usual places- Backstage, Peel Fresco [...]


Posted: 21st July 2013 by We-Enhance in Hong Kng, Hong Kong Music Industry
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(Source: IMP Awards) If one can truly “understand” Jazz, something’s just not right. If, musically, the next note or the next solo or the next break can be predicted, that’s not Jazz. That’s just formulaic shuck and jive like hotel lounge singers trying to sing “soul”. It’s fake musical goods. (Source: Emtalkery) At least to [...]

Sometimes, magic happens in music- unplanned magic. It was a very open Friday night and I met my mate Pido and his lady Jed for dinner at WTF in Lower Elgin Street for one of their seafood paellas. (Source: I Food) Pido is one of the best guitarists I have heard anywhere, especially on acoustic [...]

There’s a band playing in Hong Kong that’s not really a band but should be a full-time band and get some semblance of a band scene going out here. Whew! Trying try saying THAT with four boiled eggs in your mouth. (Source: I Food TV) Right now, Hong Kong has about three bands- or duos- [...]

By Hans Ebert I went to Joyce Is Not Here last week to listen to UK-based Brazilian artist Heidi Vogel. Now, HERE is a singer! People in Hong Kong rabbit on about being “jazz singers.” They are not. They are JISM singers- pretentious, singers full of so many cliches and grandstanding that they become high [...]

When I heard that Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam was asking HK$700,000 to perform three songs using MMO- Music Minus One, I had to ask for a bucket while friends helped me off the floor. Sandy Lam is my favorite local/Hong Kong singer and has been for many years as she can really sing. She [...]