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By Hans Ebert A friend recently asked who is the best music company executive. The “best” in any industry is tough to name these days as so much is hidden from view with smoke and mirrors creating illusions (and delusion) of success, whereas in the music industry, the impression, rightly or wrongly, is that it’s [...]

(Source: ASME) Having a lunch or dinner with Bhaskar Menon is a joy, an experience, an inspiration and an education. After all, here is the only Asian to ever run a major music company- EMI Music- and after some booking kerfuffle, we’re finally at the Golden Leaf of the Conrad having a stream of consciousness [...]

Bhaskar Menon’s tribute to Ravi Shankar and Harihar Rao. I was asked by the Music Circle here and Occidental College in Eagle Rock (Obama was an undergraduate there, as many years later was my elder son, Siddhartha!) to be the main speaker at their joint Memorial Service yesterday afternoon, for Ravi Shankar, who passed away [...]

One of the key problems we face today is that everyone thinks they can do anything and that everyone is an expert on something. Or everything. Just like the speed in which we communicate through a new “abbreviated language” , instant “experts” have become the norm and are accepted. It often reminds me of that [...]

Perhaps we’ve finally got tired and bored and, with “Another Brick In The Wall” playing in the background, have got to a point where we refuse to suffer fools gladly and have decided to turn our backs on hype and being force-fed crap . I had lunch with the great Bhaskar Menon yesterday- the ONLY [...]