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A couple of us were listening to a young Hong Kong jazz quartet named maRK made up of some extremely talented young musicians including a Smurf like drummer named Anna Fan. (Source: maRK quartet- Facebook) We had never heard of Anna but many who play the local jazz circuit happen to know her and she [...]

By Hans Ebert (Source: Vegas News) It was “trending” around 5-6 years ago- celebrities being named creative directors by brands and with the first of these game changers being a real music in Eurythmic David A Stewart becoming Nokia’s Agent Of Change, a fancy enough title. (Source: Guardian) Then came all that hullababooboo when that [...]

I just got this new song by Ben and have to really wonder if “music publishing” people and Artists And Repertoire have cloth ears and are looking for variations on the same old theme.  I watched- and then listened- to the new Beyonce track and thought she had been listening to way too much Gaga [...]

The news that Jay-Z sees him having a shot at the American Presidency, possibly eight years from now, and with wife Beyonce as First Lady, shows how and why the Rapper-Entrepreneur-Entertainment mogul is The Most Powerful Man in The American Music Industry. And, by far. Quite frankly with the amazing record he made with the [...]