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Is it just me or is there a whole heap of SCREAMING happening on “American Idol” so far this season and with nearly every contestant almost REQUIRED to do “Georgia On My Mind”? I don’t know, but it has all been very nice and polite up till now and I look forward to Jimmy Iovine [...]

Here’s hoping that he keeps his powder dry and nose clean as the music world needs Bruno Mars. With “Just The Way You Are”, he has made songs with a strong melody and lyrics stage a comeback. If there are only a handful of notes available to create songs and IF all the good songs [...]

Funny- in a good and very musical way: When “American Idol” lowered the age group of its contestants to 15, there I was thinking we’d be inundated with karaoke versions of “Baby Baby” and “Paparazzi” and “Teenage Dream”. Instead, we have been almost inundated with versions of “Georgia On My Mind”. When groups like the [...]