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By Hans Ebert Often- extremely often- one wonders if artists really know what’s happening to their music, and, more often than not, why nothing is happening to their music. Forget about all those travelling First Class with their army of lawyers wearing tight legal briefs and with the firepower to give windburn to anyone in [...]

By Hans Ebert “There’s something happening, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mister Jones?” Dylan sang those lines years ago without realising just how many “Mister Joneses” have been given a free pass to run free in so many industries. Look at what has been allowed to happen in the theatre of [...]

By Hans Ebert There’s been a great deal of chatter recently about this term known as “A&R” (Artists and Repertoire), its importance, especially to a major music company, and the rise and influence of the A&R person, who, in many ways, has become the Rock Star executive within the often dated structure of a music [...]

  It’s been swift in more ways than one- the rise and rise of fabulously popular and successful singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, 25, who’s gone from being almost a serial “dumpee” whose queue of short-lived romances have led to a series of Big Hurt songs, to now being hailed as something like the Joan Of Arc [...]

Once upon a time, a good A&R person was priceless. They found the artists, they signed them up, they nurtured them, they knew which songs would be hits and they drove the entire creative process. Over the years, with armies of “Digital Folks” and New Media Experts and new media marketing and traditional marketing [...]

Michelle forwarded me this article- very well-written, on the one hand making sense, on the other, contradicting itself and, to me,  just too much of The Blame Game and with way too much of the usual hand-wringing. Don’t get me wrong: It’s a worthwhile read just to perhaps see where and how it has- and [...]

Maybe it’s the surname, but despite all the fawning for moppets on “Oprah” and “Ellen” and the kinda creepy shadow of Producer David Foster hanging over many them, Nikki Yanofsky from Montreal is still to become a household name. Then again, is that the right term- “houseman name”? So is Drain-O and Colgate and McDonald’s. [...]