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Who out there remembers when Bill Roedy and the rest of those cowboys at MTV rode into town and wanted to be a Pan-Asian music channel? They hadn’t done their homework and there was one quote from the head of Channel [V] at the time- Don what’s-his-name- which sticks in mind: “The only thing Bill [...]

Gorillaz or guerillas? Vivien Westwood or Clint Eastwood? World Music or “world music” or just simply music and without this music being relegated depending on the “status” of a country into some token Third World co-starring role. As the clip above shows, Damon Albarn understands how music must not have any labels to shut it [...]

Maybe it’s the surname, but despite all the fawning for moppets on “Oprah” and “Ellen” and the kinda creepy shadow of Producer David Foster hanging over many them, Nikki Yanofsky from Montreal is still to become a household name. Then again, is that the right term- “houseman name”? So is Drain-O and Colgate and McDonald’s. [...]