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By Hans Ebert After an overkill of importance placed on the Super Bowl Half-time show, this, too, has now come and gone. Though realising that one had to be there to fully understand and appreciate the pomp and ceremony of the occasion, for television audiences not knowing anything about the teams playing and, depending on [...]

And one wonders why the ‘live’ music scene in Hong Kong is no longer on life support, but dead, dead, dead with not even that one-time supporter of bringing quality Adult Contemporary/Jazz/Jizz to her Sevva establishment- Bonnie Gokson- probably singing that Peggy Lee classic, “Is That All There Is?” Is all there is in Hong [...]

I must admit, I had never heard of Russian Red except for some positive rumblings about the Spanish lead singer- Lourdes Hernandez who sings in that Bjork-type of childlike voice which many Scandinavian singers have. It’s cute.. Are they/her any good? Sure- in a retro Indie kinda way- and recently sold out gigs in Singapore, [...]


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Dear Readers, B*tchBack can now be found at Share this:EmailPrintFacebookDigg


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Good music and hotel lounges are not just an oxymoron; they are very often nowhere to be found. I know that W in New York tried to change this perception by hiring a Music Creative Director, but how they are faring is anyone’s guess. In Asia, music in hotels means hiring an attractive female chanteuse- [...]

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There was a time when one listened to the sound of a snare, or the way Hal Blaine tuned and recorded his toms and on all the records he played on, changing styles to suit the various artists and marvel at the talent of this legendary drummer. Many bought records just ‘cos Hal Blaine was [...]


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A reader wrote in with a suggestion as to what might be that missing element in bands out of Asia: A sense of humour In other words, are many of them- and those sycophants around them- taking things way too seriously and unnecessarily sweating beads during the creative process? As we all know, in any [...]


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I was watching this video by Radiohead on one of those channels we get out in this region that repeat shows every other minute. Honestly, does E! have anything more other than the Kardashians and DJ Dom trying to sound like Ryan Seacrest, but instead sounding scarily like my mate Ed Bean from his “Fizz [...]

[BUT, AS MY MATE GUY HANDS KNOWS, IT COULD BE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD] ~*~ WHAT’S WRONG HK-TVB, ATV, NOWTV, every music company- major and minor- the media- many in the pockets of many- which has made idols and celebrities of cosmetic talent picked for their ‘looks’, the absolutely useless Create HK and why and [...]

When one sees and hears what’s going on with Rupert Murdoch and his crumbling empire, much comes to mind. Like his crouching tigress of a wife, Wendi Deng aka “Smackdown Sister”. I first met Wendi Deng when she was a very ambitious young girl working at STAR TV looking to go far. And she has. [...]