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Forget this Ice Bucket Challenge that has got hopelessly lost its fundraising direction, and has become as dumbed down as Going Gangnam Style. Instead, take up my The No iPhone For A Day (NiFAD) Challenge. Share this:EmailPrintFacebookDigg

Pete Seeger asked, Where Have All The Flowers Gone while some of wonder Where Have All The Mentors and if there are even ANY mentors in music today, and if these “mentors” saying they’re “saving the music” are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing and smooth, sweet-talking parasites with their own agendas robbing young, naive artists [...]

There’s something happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear and neither is what YouTube decides to take down and continues to keep on its site. There is a very Orwellian Big Brother Is Watching You side to the channel- and it’s an even bigger turn-off. Recently, a number of people without recording contracts [...]

(Source: Social Web School) Anyone who has followed this con for what is now years and know all about click farms in India and the buying and selling of Facebook “likes”, YouTube “views” and Twitter “followers” must have been squirming at the space the mighty Guardian devoted today to prove the same thing. Excuse me, [...]


Posted: 5th February 2011 by We-Enhance in The Internet

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