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By Hans Ebert Often, it’s feeding evil more evil. It’s even creating new evil. Social media can be such a powerful medium for creating unity, but when the “sharing” degenerates into a regurgitation of the same news, it all becomes as vapid as every 24-hour showbiz “news” channel needing content to fill an entire day, [...]

By Hans Ebert Be selective. Be very selective. That’s one thing that’s becoming more and more clear every day. These days I don’t know anyone who’s not on some form of social media. This is probably where one has to be the most selective what with all its links, and tags and likes and comments, [...]


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By Hans Ebert Whether millennials or indigos or Gen X or Y, or Baby Boomers, we’re all in the same leaky boat that Simon Sinek is talking about in the excellent thought provoking video above. Somewhere along the way, our parenting skills along with our ability to keep our guard up, looked the other way [...]

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Social media marketing is the biggest bunch of rubbish in the modern world. It’s a total mirage, a scam, a well calculated game and charade made of “smoke & mirrors” designed to make you believe there is some hope of marketing your business, your art or your products when you can do more yourself just [...]


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This need to look popular on social media has reached silly proportions with many failing to understand that anyone with half a brain can tell when someone has paid for “followers” on twitter, paid for “likes” on Facebook and paid for “views” on YouTube. Sadly, to add to the fake lives and profiles, what we [...]

(Source: Mshcdn) Sometimes,like an old Kinks song, we are dedicated followers of fashion- and often led by our noses without really examining what we are purchasing. Sadly, we tend to buy trends and also get some false security from those with a good tale to spin and buzzwords. Hear that they once worked for Yahoo- [...]

Forget social networking. Just plain networking has reached almost epidemic and “nutworking” proportions and with everyone having “an angle” and everyone wanting people to know who they know thinking this will be open the floodgates to more “nutworking” and coming at everyone from different angles. The problem with “nutworking” is that it’s closely associated with [...]