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By Hans Ebert Once in a while you hear someone new and you just have to hear more from where that came. And in this world of clutter and clatter, these diamonds, often drowned in the rough terrains of social media are few and far between…especially when they are from Taiwan. Then again, Taiwan has [...]

By Hans Ebert There’s been a great deal of chatter recently about this term known as “A&R” (Artists and Repertoire), its importance, especially to a major music company, and the rise and influence of the A&R person, who, in many ways, has become the Rock Star executive within the often dated structure of a music [...]

Every day, there is someone or some company out there willing to help new musicians- songwriters, bands, solo artists, polka bands etc through various sites.  Over the years, we have seen many come and go and some outstay their welcome. Who mentioned MySpace? Do these sites work? How do they work? Can they really deliver [...]