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From a very early age, you’re told by your elders- especially one’s parents- that you’re judged by the company you keep- mainly those you choose to be your friends as, often, they have a marked bearing on how you wish to live your life. As life moves on, this saying also comes to the fore [...]


Posted: 18th April 2014 by We-Enhance in BOB DYLAN, CREATIVITY, LIFE, Love

Perhaps surrounded by all this technology and what passes itself off as “social media” has not just made us more disparate- and as for those online dating sites and addicted to Tinder- sometimes, desperate- and, also slaves to this new “system of living” in the online world and becoming more and more far-removed from the [...]

When it’s over, it’s over, and no matter how much one might try to make it work, or cling on for selfish reasons or because of years of living a lie ‘cos of “parental indoctrination” about how it was meant to be, when that ship has sailed or that train has been de-railed, there is [...]


Posted: 31st March 2014 by We-Enhance in Beatles, LIFE, Love, Love and Music

Guess it’s all gone to Goop- the marriage that looked as if it might last forever and which, some of us, saw materialize during a Coldplay concert in Bangkok when Chris Martin sat behind his piano without his band members onstage and dedicated a song to “someone very special in the audience.” He then launched [...]


Posted: 17th January 2014 by We-Enhance in Beatles, Love, Love and Music, Music

It was a long and winding road for him and standing in the very long shadows of John and Paul could not have been easy, but since way back to Don’t Bother Me, there was always something about George Harrison that had a huge influence and impact on many lives. Sure, there was Beatle George [...]


Posted: 26th December 2013 by We-Enhance in LIFE, Love

Thinking back to when I was a kid and stupidly bringing down a beautiful and innocent kingfisher with my catapult still haunts me- and will forever. The words from my parents still echo in my mind. What on earth made me do such a senseless and cruel thing? No idea. All I know is that [...]

What a hue and cry there was by the media including righteous radio stations in America that followed John Lennon’s throwaway line that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus and the apology he was forced to make as the boys still had a long way to go with their music. Compare that episode with [...]

Perhaps it’s karma, perhaps it’s a Lamb Korma, perhaps it’s just la la and wah wah and all about timing to find more about myself because I want to and not to appease others and con everyone in the process, but for the past five successive days, I’ve switched on the telly and on has [...]

It’s been a long day’s journey into the night with a few rays of sunshine, but the more women I meet, the more I know that the woman I need in my life, at this time and place, is someone who is either in music or knows her music. Without this love and appreciation for [...]

(Source: Mojo 4 Music) A very good friend of mine is hanging in there and music has been his great healer- the real medicine he needs to carry on. The Beatles and Dylan and Paul and John play in his head and “In My Life” has a new-found relevance. Half-way around the world I sit [...]