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By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk It’s very tough going writing this, but there seems to be an invisible force pushing me to finish it as if it’s my last will and testament. Maybe it is. Nothing matters more to me than saying what I have to say. Perhaps it’s about living on borrowed time where I [...]

By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk The accidental drug overdose death of my best friend since school Steve (Tebbutt), below right, had me reeling down inside and it was only now having Trina (Dingler) in my life that gave me the emotional support needed. We weren’t living together, but spent as much time together as possible. I [...]


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By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk Home is no longer where the heart is so the time has come to call it quits and follow that wanderlust. There’s now the final realisation that she’s left your life forever. Those days of looking back and thinking that maybe everything can be reversed and resolved are part of some [...]


Posted: 6th December 2017 by We-Enhance in LIFE, Love

By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk An old friend called me the other day It was to say his last goodbye The song was starting its slow fade out There was no happy ending in sight He wanted to stay where he belonged At home with wife and family But they wanted him to move somewhere else [...]

By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk Trina, the girl I married, called this morning to express her displeasure at being mentioned in the autobiography being written and published as a blog on social media. But, why, I asked? I had only written about her with the utmost respect. About being the wonderful human being I was fortunate [...]


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By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk It wears you down. Yes, it eventually wears you down because how much is enough? And when you do let it all go, there’s nothing left. U2 is still singing, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For when actually you know you what you had, but you let it go [...]

A contemporary fairy tale based on the songs of Hans Ebert and Trevor Carter. He woke up one day and it was like someone had switched the lights off in his head. He knew he was here, but it was hard getting there and beyond. For some reason, all motivation was gone. Inspiration had decided [...]


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By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with. Stephen Stills wrote that when apparently after breaking up with (singer-songwriter) Judy Collins. Share this:EmailPrintFacebookDigg

By Hans Ebert @hanseberthk The conversation was about how during, especially the Fifties, so many American actresses somehow adopted very British accents- almost posh. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn come to mind. I guess it gave them a “class distinction”. But then again, both actresses radiated class. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn were different to [...]