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Posted: 31st March 2014 by We-Enhance in Beatles, LIFE, Love, Love and Music

Guess it’s all gone to Goop- the marriage that looked as if it might last forever and which, some of us, saw materialize during a Coldplay concert in Bangkok when Chris Martin sat behind his piano without his band members onstage and dedicated a song to “someone very special in the audience.” He then launched [...]


Posted: 26th December 2013 by We-Enhance in LIFE, Love

Thinking back to when I was a kid and stupidly bringing down a beautiful and innocent kingfisher with my catapult still haunts me- and will forever. The words from my parents still echo in my mind. What on earth made me do such a senseless and cruel thing? No idea. All I know is that [...]

By Hans Ebert One of the toughest decisions to be made while still on this earth is to sever all relationships with what once was a tight family unit. But, if after decades of making amends, making up, breaking up and hitting the same old bricks in the walls, it’s time to sing Vaya Con [...]

“There’s something happening here, what it is isn’t exactly clear/There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me I’ve gotta beware…” Stephen Stills wrote that just as Neil Young was to later write “Ohio” and John Lennon asked us to Imagine and Give Peace A Chance before having the balls to write that “Woman [...]


Posted: 15th April 2011 by We-Enhance in LIFE

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There are gonna be fewer Grammy Awards in the Hip Hop and R’nB Categories and after reading the following- and how bloody confusing is IT????- I am wondering if awards for categories and scattergories and genres and sub-genres should be blown up so we can get back to the very ROOTS of music: “At the [...]