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By Hans Ebert (Source: Vegas News) It was “trending” around 5-6 years ago- celebrities being named creative directors by brands and with the first of these game changers being a real music in Eurythmic David A Stewart becoming Nokia’s Agent Of Change, a fancy enough title. (Source: Guardian) Then came all that hullababooboo when that [...]

I somehow managed to see a very weird commercial for The Dog Whisper’s program where Lionel Ritchie’s Hello was rewritten to actually accommodate the words, “I am Cesar, The Dog Whisperer.” Mr. Lionel’s video for his song remains very weird but this new mangled promo is just plain bizarre. Anyway, this promo and the onslaught [...]

I’m not a huge fan of her name, but I am a fan of Hong Kong singer G.E.M. who sounds like a Chinese version of Jewel. Hey, but what’s in a name? Somewhat of a new artist, Gloria Tang- her real name- has got tongues wagging by deciding not to attend Commercial Radio’s Ultimate Song [...]

We have heard shitty bands, but how on earth did these knobs called Airborne get a gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Macau? And we hear, it wasn’t cheap. Whoever booked them should be fired. As for Airborne, we think they have nose-dived, crashed and burned. Listen. Why does the UK/US/Europe think they can [...]

Some of us were discussing last night how new artists today have such a short window of opportunity. With everything- and there’s heaps- out there, here today and gone tomorrow is more true than ever. And over the past few weeks, for whatever reason, this window is getting narrower. Sorry Bieber fans, but is it [...]