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By Hans Ebert While trying to shake off memories of the circus that was the second debate between the two clowns in the running to be next President of the United States, wondering how CNN and Fox News could have such wildly different views as to who was winning- Crooked Hillary or the menacing figure [...]

It’s no secret: Hong Kong has a handful of good musicians, mediocrity is elevated and Okay becomes excellent as there’s really no “benchmark” or “standard of excellence” as what we have is the Peter Principle of music. Then again, some might ask, Are you throwing the net far enough? Are you, perhaps, moving in that [...]

One can have music conferences until the sacred cows come home, but what none of these tribal gatherings do is to teach people how to be creative and original. If anything, all they do is create more copycat custards and with these blobs moving together towards the same goals with the same herd mentality made [...]

Since the success of Psy and his viral hit “Gangnam Style”, a number of new wannabe music moguls in, especially, Greater China, have started re-looking at the industry with rose colored glasses, dreaming of making a quick buck with new acts in tow sold on these pipe dreams and pie in the sky thinking. The [...]


Posted: 17th October 2012 by We-Enhance in K-Pop

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Who out there remembers when Bill Roedy and the rest of those cowboys at MTV rode into town and wanted to be a Pan-Asian music channel? They hadn’t done their homework and there was one quote from the head of Channel [V] at the time- Don what’s-his-name- which sticks in mind: “The only thing Bill [...]   The above news that the South Korean government has injected US$91m to bolster the country’s music industry and “globalise” it is cause for pause. Firstly, has any other government anywhere given their country’s music industry a bailout of this magnitude? Where is the ROI- Return On Investment- and which is expected to be [...]