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If you haven’t heard it as yet, do listen to a 16-year-old artist named Lorde- real name Ella Yellich-O’Conner- and her song called Royals. It’s one of the most complete and honest songs I’ve heard in a very long time and it’s great for those tired of fakery, puffery and beats topping the Billboard charts.  [...]

What a hue and cry there was by the media including righteous radio stations in America that followed John Lennon’s throwaway line that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus and the apology he was forced to make as the boys still had a long way to go with their music. Compare that episode with [...]

I subscribe to an e-letter called Music News. Today’s MUSIC news was that The Bieb was in another brawl, father-to-be Simon Cowell is pursued by women (when is this bizarre and relentless publicity campaign to prove his manhood going to stop?), that Nicole Sherzingher pinches asses after a few drinks, how some bloke from One [...]

“Even if you’re not doing well, you can at least dress well.” Christian Reith- and what an incredible movie his comeback story would make- one of my favorite jockeys in Sydney- the kind that rides horses- said that and which makes sense to me. (Source: Punters Paradise) But even if when you’re not doing well [...]

(Source: Wikalenda) There is something about artists who bring out “unadorned” music on their YouTube channels that, for some reason, just does not translate when recorded in a proper studio and with all the bells and whistles and posses of producers. I don’t know why, but perhaps the recordings become “too perfect” or lose their [...]

The news that ABC is producing a television special about the life of Justin Bieber before he became famous had me pulling up the retch bin. What will they show? The life story of his Mum, who, by the way has a book to promote,and how she uploaded his videos onto YouTube followed by all [...]

All one needs is one home run which is easier said than done especially when some don’t even get to the ballpark, let alone get to bat. How Scooter Braun has got to be where he is today and scored his home run is by tagging an unknown kid named Justin Bieber discovered on YouTube [...]

When he arrived in Hong Kong, there were twenty burly bodyguards around him, but Justin Bieber didn’t need them: He needed FANS for them to protect him from. Alas, all he got were seven fans waiting for him at the airport. Not being enough, The Bieb looked grumpy, tried to do a Greta Garbo and [...]

Remember Herbie Hancock receiving a Grammy for Record Of The Year. That was also a WTF Moment as Amy Winehouse was supposed to be a dead cert to win.  But as it was Herbie Hancock, Legend, and a “jazz” album and which was his interpretations of Joni Mitchell songs- another legend- many accepted it. How [...]

The news that Jay-Z sees him having a shot at the American Presidency, possibly eight years from now, and with wife Beyonce as First Lady, shows how and why the Rapper-Entrepreneur-Entertainment mogul is The Most Powerful Man in The American Music Industry. And, by far. Quite frankly with the amazing record he made with the [...]