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So, help me here: I find an obscure track from a music company’s back-catalogue- most likely, a recording under Public Domain- that no one working there had even heard of, I am willing to pay a DJ to remix it for a Premium CD for one of MY clients, and the music company wants to [...]

It’s no secret: Hong Kong has a handful of good musicians, mediocrity is elevated and Okay becomes excellent as there’s really no “benchmark” or “standard of excellence” as what we have is the Peter Principle of music. Then again, some might ask, Are you throwing the net far enough? Are you, perhaps, moving in that [...]

One of my biggest mistakes- and gawd knows I’ve made a few- was when a fledgling journo wishing to become Nick Kent or Dave Marsh or Lester Bangs or Greil Marcus or Ben Fong Torres and jealous of hell at that upstart Cameron Crowe, below, who, at 15, travelled with Led Zep and ended up [...]

Artists Join YouTube Protest as Dispute Escalates – 4ARTS   For the past few months, there have been rumblings about YouTube and its arbitrary ways of working and how videos are blocked or taken down with no reasons given and a take it or fuck off attitude by the channel. The news above about artists [...]

Call it When Worlds Collide, call it a buffet gone horribly wrong, call it confusion and not evolution nor revolution, but, call what once was the music industry, but which is now all showbiz and snowbiz and “celebrity product placement” through an entertainment media in the pockets of many for what it is: A bloody [...]

Champion Hong Kong jockey Douglas Whyte, below, has a saying he’s mentioned to me over the many years I’ve known him: “You can count your real friends on one hand minus a few fingers”. And in the highly competitive and high stakes game of horse racing in a money-riddled, rumor-mongering city like Hong Kong where [...]

Scams in the music industry have been going on since the days of the casting couch and when someone, somewhere bellowed, “Babycheeks, I can make you a star!” Now, not content with bogus views, likes, followers, and like singing, Love For Sale, followers being offered for sale on twitter, what’s creeping in more and more [...]

From a very early age, you’re told by your elders- especially one’s parents- that you’re judged by the company you keep- mainly those you choose to be your friends as, often, they have a marked bearing on how you wish to live your life. As life moves on, this saying also comes to the fore [...]

It was a conversation even more freewheeling than Dylan’s Desolation Row, but came down to the fact that many of today’s musicians- songwriters, artists, bands, arrangers, producers and even A&R people in music companies- have a piss poor knowledge of the history of music, and how, without this- and just to keep with the urination [...]

A new study that shows only 1% of all artists earn 77% from total music sales is a damn disgrace while the video below is interesting purely because this novelty recording from Japan by BabyMetal about the joys of eating chocolate is currently the best selling track on iTunes, something which should make every musician [...]