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By Hans Ebert It takes a lot for a train to cry and it takes a lot for a dam to burst and, gawd knows, it takes having to sidestep so many half-baked promises, and flimflam fakers to get to halfway near nowhere as a- I don’t really know, anymore. A chanteuse? Recording artist- and [...]

To those who might think that horse racing is littered with one dimensional people with two bit plans, the incredible outpouring of grief on hearing the heartbreaking news that Michael Owen’s Brown Panther had to be put down showed that the sport has a heart and those that follow it are its heartbeat. Reading the [...]

Back in the day, there was networking, there’s always been that utter waste of time and space that’s “nutworking”, and in today’s social media-driven world, there is online networking where nothing is real and there’s everything to get hung up about. It’s John Lennon’s “Strawberry Fields Forever”, but this time, where a song becomes part [...]

In a world where making money by making music has made many musicians keep their day jobs and take on night jobs as gigs are scarce, and also because of those bozos who proclaimed from their games of thrones that giving away music was a good thing plus those other parasites who hoodwinked unknown artists [...]

( PRESS RELEASE Hong Kong, September 2, 2014: Home is where the heart is and, to many, home on a weekday in Hong Kong is attending a Happy Wednesday night at Happy Valley Racecourse. Now, there’s a song about all this, called, naturally enough, “Home”, which doubles and triples as the musical anthem for the [...]

It’s no secret: Hong Kong has a handful of good musicians, mediocrity is elevated and Okay becomes excellent as there’s really no “benchmark” or “standard of excellence” as what we have is the Peter Principle of music. Then again, some might ask, Are you throwing the net far enough? Are you, perhaps, moving in that [...]


Posted: 7th April 2014 by We-Enhance in Horse Racing

Much has been said, the tributes have flowed and, yes, it’s brilliant the way the racing industry comes together to mourn one of its own, but the passing of 23-year-old Nathan Berry, who finally lost his brave battle to conquer the virus known as Norse Syndrome, goes beyond the horse racing world. The sport has [...]

Adrenaline is one of the most popular venues at the Happy Valley Racecourse of the Hong Kong Jockey Club with its IBU inter-active tables which cater mainly to the new race-goer, the spectacular view of the races, the atmosphere and the ‘live’ music. Now come The Adrenaline Sessions, which feature the venue’s regular artists, visiting [...]

He was nicknamed “The Magic Man” when he managed to do the impossible in Singapore by winning on horses that had never won before and, last year, riding all ten winners in one race meeting while today, the adventures of Brazilian jockey Joao Moreira, continue in his new home in Hong Kong. Never before has [...]

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and its media partner Fast Track have formed a new partnership with Universal Music to bring the world of entertainment to the race tracks and venues of the HKJC, the world’s most successful racing club and one of the most significant businesses and philanthropic organisations in Hong Kong. The [...]