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By Hans Ebert Many musicians in Hong Kong are singing the same song these days. The one that goes, “There’s something happening here/What it is ain’t exactly clear/It starts when you’re always afraid/ Step out of line and the man comes and takes you away. Paranoia strikes deep…” Musicians and work visas have been a [...]

By Hans Ebert While trying to shake off memories of the circus that was the second debate between the two clowns in the running to be next President of the United States, wondering how CNN and Fox News could have such wildly different views as to who was winning- Crooked Hillary or the menacing figure [...]

By Hans Ebert We’ll keep banging the drum loudly about what passes off as the Hong Kong “music scene”, because it desperately needs a new international lifeline, it needs new and young talent- local and from overseas- and it needs to stop being a dumping ground for mediocrity- largely, ageing middle of the road warblers [...]

Someone new to Hong Kong was asking if there were any local artists like Sia, Pink, Janelle Monae, or Jhene Aiko- pop artists but with that creative quirkiness that gives them an edge. We were having dinner, the video for “Pressure” was being shown on one of the music channels, and she wanted to go [...]


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It’s the latest cause de jour right now and it’s easy enough to say and, of course, many want Hong Kong to desperately have new television channels as the two terrestrial channels in town- HKTVB and ATV- screen the same turgid serving of Eighties-style variety shows whereas the bulk of those entertainment channels on the [...]

For almost two years now, HKTVB, Hong Kong’s leading terrestrial station, and all four- how many ARE there today?- majors have been giving each other the silent treatment. I hear Cliff Richard singing, “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and Rod Stewart croaking, “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It.” The reason for this Mexican stand-off is that [...]