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When Annie Lennox speaks, many of us listen and that’s because she doesn’t prattle on, she doesn’t preach and what she says comes straight from the heart and is always something that needs to be said. Last week, Annie Lennox took on this current plague where certain labels have devalued music and created a pimp [...]

If you haven’t heard it as yet, do listen to a 16-year-old artist named Lorde- real name Ella Yellich-O’Conner- and her song called Royals. It’s one of the most complete and honest songs I’ve heard in a very long time and it’s great for those tired of fakery, puffery and beats topping the Billboard charts.  [...]

The news that Jay-Z sees him having a shot at the American Presidency, possibly eight years from now, and with wife Beyonce as First Lady, shows how and why the Rapper-Entrepreneur-Entertainment mogul is The Most Powerful Man in The American Music Industry. And, by far. Quite frankly with the amazing record he made with the [...]