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I’m not a huge fan of her name, but I am a fan of Hong Kong singer G.E.M. who sounds like a Chinese version of Jewel. Hey, but what’s in a name? Somewhat of a new artist, Gloria Tang- her real name- has got tongues wagging by deciding not to attend Commercial Radio’s Ultimate Song [...]


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Grammys 2K11: All’s Well that Ends Well      by Price Peterson 02/14/11 09:34 AM We have this conversation every year: Why do the Grammys exist anymore? Who is the awards show even for? It seems designed to bore younger viewers and confuse older ones. How many Justin Bieber fans know who Jeff Beck is? What did [...]

Remember Herbie Hancock receiving a Grammy for Record Of The Year. That was also a WTF Moment as Amy Winehouse was supposed to be a dead cert to win.  But as it was Herbie Hancock, Legend, and a “jazz” album and which was his interpretations of Joni Mitchell songs- another legend- many accepted it. How [...]

Let’s just think this past few days in music for a few minutes before diving into the mosh pit that were The Grammy Awards: First of all, Christina Aguilera gets the words wrong to the American National Anthem at Super Bowl 2011 and the media descend on her as if she broke the Eleventh Commandment. [...]

For a minute there, I thought Lady Soul had been taken away from us and the producers had hurriedly gathered together a disparate and desperate group of “sistahs” to pay homage t her. They all looked bloody nervous or sad or terrified as the Tribute to Aretha Franklin trudged along. Why Annie Lennox was not [...]