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Posted: 26th March 2014 by We-Enhance in Facebook, Marketing

Give it a buzz term, create new jargon full of bollocks to baffle everyone, and what is termed “social media” becomes just more clutter in the online world where good old-fashioned marketing and commonsense becomes a very shallow and opportunistic version like some ponzie scheme made up of promises of a phony second life. Likes, [...]

I’m like a dog with a bone when I truly believe in and what I TRULY believe in is that Apple provides a platform or a showcase for all the creative talent who have supported the brand and its products, created great work, but have nowhere to show it which will LEAD somewhere. Uploading this [...]

Twitter has slowly crept up on many almost like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and news of an I.P.O. for the social media tool being imminent, its real value as a marketing tool is something that should give the ad industry the jitters. Like the music industry that never understood how Napster would change the [...]

As those who know me will tell you, it’s something I ask- not out of cynicism, but just to understand where anything is leading to and what was or is the end game plan. So you write songs, but have no publishing deal and no one hears them. And now what? Your band has spent [...]

Seriously now, why is there this need to join so many things online and live lives in virtual worlds? (Source: With Friendship) Once upon a yesterday, it stoked one’s ego and upped the ante on the social ladder to be welcomed in to a private club. (Source Psychopedia) Gawd knows how much my ex-wife wanted [...]

(Source: Social Web School) Anyone who has followed this con for what is now years and know all about click farms in India and the buying and selling of Facebook “likes”, YouTube “views” and Twitter “followers” must have been squirming at the space the mighty Guardian devoted today to prove the same thing. Excuse me, [...]

What David Grohl says above has gone viral- and for good reason: It’s the truth and the very essence of what music is and should be but has lost its way through hype, fake, scripted soundbites and a generation brain frozen to worship false idols. (Source: American Idol Net) As Grohl mentioned when talking about [...]

(Source: Weighty Matters) Facebook leaves me cold, but I am a big fan of Twitter in that it’s very quick 140 words communications and easy to “unfollow” and block the haters. (Souorce: App 01) This is one of the worst things about so-called “social media”- allowing in the haters- and also, more relevant and worrying, [...]

(Source: Southamton) As we all agree, there is so much more music around today- in fact, so much music that much of it gets lost in the clutter. (Source: Amazon AWS) The key as always is how to first get this music heard and once this is accomplished, then what? Oh, please, not “social media” [...]

(Source: Mshcdn) Sometimes,like an old Kinks song, we are dedicated followers of fashion- and often led by our noses without really examining what we are purchasing. Sadly, we tend to buy trends and also get some false security from those with a good tale to spin and buzzwords. Hear that they once worked for Yahoo- [...]