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As John Lennon proved with “In My Life”, and, of course, “Imagine”, music is a great leveler and one of the greatest healers we have. The music of the Beatles- as a band and as solo artists- Brian Wilson- especially with his epic Pet Sounds project, and Dylan before he started to become a parody [...]


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Perhaps surrounded by all this technology and what passes itself off as “social media” has not just made us more disparate- and as for those online dating sites and addicted to Tinder- sometimes, desperate- and, also slaves to this new “system of living” in the online world and becoming more and more far-removed from the [...]

My friend Ben Semmens text me to say that he had just watched A Hard Days Night for the first time- and then watched it four more times. As we once used to say, it blew his mind. And why not? Here was a film made something like fifty years ago and show those who [...]

So, there we were thinking which female singer in Hong Kong we could use for a new song- and went through the list of usual suspects until wondering if we- and they- REALLY knew their “real” voices. The problem in Hong Kong is that unlike the UK, Oz, the US, Canada and Scandinavia, there is [...]

Monkey-see, monkey-do. It’s what most of Hong Kong is afflicted with and if, somehow, someone, somewhere, either in Hong Kong or The Pied Piper of Hamlyn doesn’t find a way to shower this place with inspiration that will make originality live again, this city will be known as The City Of Lemmings. Forget the buffet [...]

Some of us might not have known it at the time, but, damn, Hong Kong had some very good ad people and real characters who created a thriving industry- the late Mike Chu, Richard Lam, James Wong and Stoney Mudd, Tony Morias, Mark Hilltout, Clarke Mallory. Stasch Radwanski, Mike Fromowitz, Peter Thompson, Charles Wang, Louis [...]

(Source: Ning) We all need inspiration or else to be around people who can inspire and move away from those who stare at a half-filled glass or engage in that boring dance of he-said-u-said which leads to brain freeze. Sadly, this happens way too often, especially when people have way too much time on their [...]

It was a broken sleep so I switched on the television and thought I was watching a Nat Geo channel. But Nat Geo, all its different channels and those heading these channels could never match the interest and creativity of iQ Viva Viva which features Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony plus choreographer Jamie King when, [...]

In all the conversations and dissertations and over-analysis of the music industry, precious little has been said about the need for creativity- creativity in marketing, sure, but also creativity in simply being able to look beyond the obvious. As mentioned to someone over dinner last night, creativity seems to have left the building along with [...]