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Artists Join YouTube Protest as Dispute Escalates – 4ARTS   For the past few months, there have been rumblings about YouTube and its arbitrary ways of working and how videos are blocked or taken down with no reasons given and a take it or fuck off attitude by the channel. The news above about artists [...]

There was an interesting piece in the South China Morning Post today about Hong Kong losing its mojo and, somewhat ironically, written by my old sparring partner Mike Rowse. Some might remember Rowse, below, as the one-time head of InvestHK and who- unfairly- ended up holding the bag for the 2004 HarbourFest fiasco. This musical [...]

So, there we were thinking which female singer in Hong Kong we could use for a new song- and went through the list of usual suspects until wondering if we- and they- REALLY knew their “real” voices. The problem in Hong Kong is that unlike the UK, Oz, the US, Canada and Scandinavia, there is [...]

“Sometimes we do the happy dance”, says Jessie. “Eric is soooo big that he doesn’t know he sometimes hurts me”. And with that, Jessie wraps her legs around Eric and the big lug happy dances her into the bed room. I have no idea who Eric and Jessie are, but from what I saw, I’m [...]

Monkey-see, monkey-do. It’s what most of Hong Kong is afflicted with and if, somehow, someone, somewhere, either in Hong Kong or The Pied Piper of Hamlyn doesn’t find a way to shower this place with inspiration that will make originality live again, this city will be known as The City Of Lemmings. Forget the buffet [...]

The problem is that the “Asianization” doesn’t exist in the music. Let me explain the birds, bees, dim sums and chicken vindaloos. For a while, this region created and produced a number of Asian Remixes. It was a cross between a token- and patronizing- gesture by Head Office and something really wanted by some artists- [...]

The more things change, the more they remain the same and when it comes to Asia’s truly puny and pathetic music industry- puny because no one knows where the real money is and just plays follow the leader when there are actually no leaders but only sheep- nothing ever changes as the “new” hires have [...]

Know what’s wrong with the music business today? Stupidly naive people trying to make it work and not knowing where to start while networking- more like nutworking- inside the same sheltered, insular bubble where they think they live happily ever after in their la la world, totally oblivious to how this world works which really [...]

Some of us might not have known it at the time, but, damn, Hong Kong had some very good ad people and real characters who created a thriving industry- the late Mike Chu, Richard Lam, James Wong and Stoney Mudd, Tony Morias, Mark Hilltout, Clarke Mallory. Stasch Radwanski, Mike Fromowitz, Peter Thompson, Charles Wang, Louis [...]

(Source: ASME) Having a lunch or dinner with Bhaskar Menon is a joy, an experience, an inspiration and an education. After all, here is the only Asian to ever run a major music company- EMI Music- and after some booking kerfuffle, we’re finally at the Golden Leaf of the Conrad having a stream of consciousness [...]