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It’s not curiouser and curiouser, Alice, but confusinger and confusinger. It’s like hearing some new (?) Bon Jovi track- the perils of being unable to sleep without the television turned to a crap channel- which sounds like every old Bon Jovi track when they all sound like “Wanted Dead Or Alive”, anyway- forgettable, formulaic, lazy [...]

Who would have thought that receiving a free record by U2 from Apple would be so universally fobbed off as being manipulative, choreographed corporate hype, dated, corny and totally misunderstanding the mood of consumers, in general, and, especially, the changing tastes and attitudes of music fans who are no longer prepared to be sucker-punched by [...]

Honestly, is U2 the most overrated band in the history of music and Bono the biggest poseur in Rock? Did this band really start and fall- and was felled- with “The Joshua Tree”? Come on, what have they done since then that has been of any great significance? “Achtung Baby”? “Pop”? The last album- whatever [...]