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It’s a little strange to think that after all this time, Hong Kong doesn’t have a song it can call its own. Apart from the comical chop suey of a song made famous in the Sixties called “Kowloon Hong Kong” by a female group from the Philippines named The Reynettes, there have only been songs [...]

Adrenaline is one of the most popular venues at the Happy Valley Racecourse of the Hong Kong Jockey Club with its IBU inter-active tables which cater mainly to the new race-goer, the spectacular view of the races, the atmosphere and the ‘live’ music. Now come The Adrenaline Sessions, which feature the venue’s regular artists, visiting [...]

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and its media partner Fast Track have formed a new partnership with Universal Music to bring the world of entertainment to the race tracks and venues of the HKJC, the world’s most successful racing club and one of the most significant businesses and philanthropic organisations in Hong Kong. The [...]

If, especially, a new musician with no proven track record and over-joyed that you’re going to be releasing your first record- or maybe your tenth, for that matter- read the link below, so you can keep your expectations in check. If willing to keep making music for the love of it with no expectations of [...]

My friend Ben Semmens text me to say that he had just watched A Hard Days Night for the first time- and then watched it four more times. As we once used to say, it blew his mind. And why not? Here was a film made something like fifty years ago and show those who [...]

There’s something weirdly wonderful when a horse racing club does more for a musician- and he could be the start of many others- than those faked-out promises made by those organizing music events about performing to “some of the most influential names in the music industry etc etc”- for free, of course- and to which [...]

Say what you will- and even though I heard a track by Clash being played on an online horse racing channel today- the Beatles HAVE to be a miracle that happened when the world needed it most with something prophetic when Lennon said that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. Always ahead of the [...]

I was wondering if this would be a horse racing story or a music story before deciding that horse racing really is part of entertainment and it’s only the hardcore racing media and having the sport pigeon-holed by those within racing clubs is what still keeps this sport insular and in the Dark Ages- except [...]

When one party holds a race meeting- like it did at Shatin yesterday- and where turnover was HK$1.45 billion with an attendance of over 60,000 for Sa Sa Ladies Day- and the other party is the world’s largest music company with the biggest names on its roster of artists, the odds of the two coming [...]

It’s not exactly Lennon and McCartney, it might not even be Arthur and Martha or Lenin and McArthur, but, somehow, making music as a collaboration brings out something new, something my mate Ben Semmens, below, and I discovered when a very off-the-cuff jam in a recording studio resulted in this song called Pretty Girl. Ben’s [...]