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It’s not exactly Lennon and McCartney, it might not even be Arthur and Martha or Lenin and McArthur, but, somehow, making music as a collaboration brings out something new, something my mate Ben Semmens, below, and I discovered when a very off-the-cuff jam in a recording studio resulted in this song called Pretty Girl. Ben’s [...]

(Source: Mind’s Power) Okay, with madmen going on shooting sprees, humanunkind fighting against humanunkind, corruption, wars and all manner of life’s priorities gone wrong, so much space is given to Khloe Kardashian- what does this woman actually do???- going into hiding after news of her basketball husband Lamar Odom cheating on her and addiction to [...]

(Source: 123 RF) I was having dinner earlier this week with a singer friend- a girl with an amazing voice who had gone to LA to try and audition for The Voice- the contract was a ball-buster and which ended that idea- and recently recorded a few standards with some of the biggest names in [...]

(Source: ABC News) Oh, dear, Dawgpound, Randy Jackson has left his big American Idol Judge’s chair after sitting there for twelve years playing the token Uncle Tom and yelling out fake ghetto speak for white middle class audiences- the mainstay of Idol watchers- like, “Yo, dawg” and, more recently, “She/he/you are in it to win [...]


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(Source: SOD AHEAD) This season’s American Idol is now down to its final four, they are all females and which is not surprising at all as the promos for the show have been hinting this with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. (Source: Hollywood Reporter) A female as the winner comes as no surprise. And [...]

(Source: Southamton) As we all agree, there is so much more music around today- in fact, so much music that much of it gets lost in the clutter. (Source: Amazon AWS) The key as always is how to first get this music heard and once this is accomplished, then what? Oh, please, not “social media” [...]

(Source: TV Fanatic) There are covers and covers and doing covers and covering songs. Without banging on about the Plight Of The Hotel Lounge Singer again, they are very often forced to be something of an impersonator- husky, dusty like Norah 10 years ago, then Liza Minnelli, then Tony Bennett etc. (Source: Cartoon Stock) In [...]

(Source: The Nigerian Reporter) Randy Jackson goes to great pains to point out that American Idol is a SINGING competition and this is where I think the show keeps falling down. This season is now heading towards the winning post and with the ten finalists voted in. Are there any potential “idols” amongst these ten? [...]

(Source: VIBE) Again, Nicki Minaj got it right. Watching the semi-finals of the ten men now down to five on American Idol, it wouldn’t even take a blind man to see that despite the “baby boys” and “Boddingtons”, Ms Minaj thought all were bloody boring and dated. Hell, there are crappy old black guys shucking [...]