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By Hans Ebert It might be All About The Bass, but it’s definitely all about the hype. Funny word- hype. Once upon a Blind Faith, or that thing called a “supergroup”, or even “Dylan goes electric” was supposedly hype, and frowned upon on. But today, hype has become shtick and is celebrated and used to [...]

They might think they’re playing “jazz” when in actuality, they’re simply retreading well-known standards, yet, for reasons unknown to me, there is this overriding need to be seen as being “jazz cats”, the same old group of usual suspects in Hong Kong who move in herds and “blow” at the usual places- Backstage, Peel Fresco [...]

It’s the start of the Year of the Ram, which some call the Sheep and others, the Goat, and despite the usual celebrations and floats and messages of health and wealth and all that other good stuff, it is a very quiet Hong Kong. No, not a “chilled” Hong Kong, but a worried and kinda [...]

Despite another episode of Kanyebombing, the Grammy Awards this week made for good television viewing- even if it only would be remembered for a day. Much of the music was very good- the performances of the extraordinary Annie Lennox, John Legend, Mary J Blige and Sam Smith. and the always underrated Jeff Lynne and his [...]

Now that life as we know it has ground to a halt following the second coming of Yeesus and his marriage to Betty Boomba Kardashian- and an uneasy and surprising roaring silence about it all even from those purveyors of all things mediocre- where does one go to live again? Well, the fallout from the [...]

From a very early age, you’re told by your elders- especially one’s parents- that you’re judged by the company you keep- mainly those you choose to be your friends as, often, they have a marked bearing on how you wish to live your life. As life moves on, this saying also comes to the fore [...]

A new study that shows only 1% of all artists earn 77% from total music sales is a damn disgrace while the video below is interesting purely because this novelty recording from Japan by BabyMetal about the joys of eating chocolate is currently the best selling track on iTunes, something which should make every musician [...]

As we galloped into the Lunar New Year of the Horse after saying adieu to the Snake year, I read the news today, and, oh boy… The gang rapes in New Delhi are allowed to carry on as if some every day occurrence, a kid in the same state of India is bashed and killed [...]

The Auditions are always the calm before the storm or the appetizer before the main course, and the new Season of American Idol got under way last week at a time when some- many outside of America- are starting to wonder if the Fat Lady has sung for television singing contests. Of course, while we [...]

One of the first and most obvious and also truly cringeworthy example of Asia aping a program from overseas was Singapore Idol, a truly appalling production where the three judges- Ken Lim, Florence Lam and Dick Lee- tried desperately to be cloneheads of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and some gay guy as, one can only [...]