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Mick Jagger 1

He turned 71 the other day, and apart from the fact that no one still moves like Jagger onstage except for James Brown and the Grandfather of Soul is dead, what’s amazing is Sir Mick’s hair.

Mick Jagger 2

While many of his peers have seen their crowning glories fall by the wayside- Phil Collins, Auntie Elton, Sting, even Keith has started to lose it, Ted Nugent, jeez, even Barry Gibb- Sir Mick has no need to walk against the wind and never worry about turning his back to an audience when prancing around the stage.

Sure, there are some who can match Mick Jagger’s hair- Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Bowie, McCartney, Steve Tyler- none, however, can, as Maroon 5 fawned, Move Like Jagger, which is kinda like moving like Tina Turner, but with your own god-given hair on your head that still looks as good as it did fifty years ago. Maybe even better.

Fifty years ago, Brian Jones had the best hair in the band whereas Charley Watts has always had the worst hair and no one really thought about Keith, Bill Wyman’s and Mick’s hair.

Mick Jagger 3

But the older he’s got, the younger his hair looks.

Frankly, he had better hair that ex-wife Bianca and even his slew of various girlfriends.

Mick Jagger 4

Even when he and David Bowie had that weirdly gay Dance-off in the street to see who had the best hair, Mick won- hands down.

Mick Jagger 5

Hell, he even pouted at Bowie during that Dance-off as if to say, just LOOK at this HAIR. And then he shook his tush and skipped into the night.

That one video probably spoke more about Mick’s hair than anything. That was almost 35 years ago, and the hair has actually got better.

Mick Jagger 6

Is it the genes or the jeans, or both? Does leading a “hedonistic lifestyle” have a different meaning when it comes to Mick?

Seriously, at 71, how can anyone with such a weather-beaten face have such young hair?

I can only put it down to a lack of worries.

Yes, he might not have been able to get any satisfaction, but the Brown Sugar, having her under his thumb and that ageless pulling power of women young enough to be his grand daughter, has all helped to keep that hair intact.

Mick Jagger 7

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