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Posted: April 14, 2014 by We-Enhance in Marketing, SOCIAL NETWORKING


Social media marketing is the biggest bunch of rubbish in the modern world. It’s a total mirage, a scam, a well calculated game and charade made of “smoke & mirrors” designed to make you believe there is some hope of marketing your business, your art or your products when you can do more yourself just by taking pictures and posting them on Instagram and cause a far stronger effect.

The social media marketing people are liars, cheats and thieves…making promises they cannot and do not have the ability to keep..just like all the flim-flam men of the world.

I have been deeply mired in this game of false promises with zero results for many months at a time.

They buy thousands of DUMMY LIKES and tell you they are promoting your products but there are no real people even seeing the products…..EVER!!!

I warn all who deal with these charlatans to have them sign a guarantee of their work and to provide full transparency and accountability for all work done…No Guarantee..No Results….No Money!!!!

They are simply “PRODUCT REPS ” either getting the job done or NOT…and,.. in all cases so far, my experience has been and IS that they are NOT!!!!! Buyer Beware….

Life is far too short for this kind of crap to be allowed to function at all in the world of real business!!

Author : Scott Moyer

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