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A very good friend of mine is hanging in there and music has been his great healer- the real medicine he needs to carry on. The Beatles and Dylan and Paul and John play in his head and “In My Life” has a new-found relevance.

Half-way around the world I sit in a restaurant with a group of people and music playing in the background and don’t hear anything. I’ve switched off. Like that great Carole King song recorded by the Byrds, I’m Going Back.

The gentle lyrics and McGuinn’s voice are singing to me. Those around me? White noise and empty vessels. Small talk to pass the time. It’s twitter talk by those who think they can when they never have.

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None of this can take you down the same musical road of life that led you to the Dave Brubeck Trio, Peggy Lee, Bobby Darin, the Beatles, Dylan, Hendrix, stopping by Camelot while tripping out to Bookends by Simon and Garfunkel, going to hell and back to Sgt Pepper’s, and losing your best friend along the way while “The Ballad Of Easy Rider” played when he was laid down to rest. Did you ever get over that? Guess not.

Then the biggest life change happens when you needed it most and fall in love with her to the songs of Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills and Nash and James Taylor with cameos by Leon Russell, the Eagles and Don Henley.

You get sick, get well and hang around the inkwell, get inspired, get restless, become a parent, become arrogant and ignorant, become confused, run on empty, get your ego stroked and what was One breaks and becomes Separate Lives.

You think it’s just a silly phase you’re both going through, but the music’s stopped. So’s part of your brain, but you think she’ll take it all ‘cos it’s all about forgiveness. But we both know it’s The End Of The Innocence.

Despite more promises, she can’t take it anymore and leaves and Hall and Oates sing “She’s Gone.” It’s shattered dreams and you see it your way and I see it mine and we both should have slipping it away. No one is to blame as the rebuilding trust process was made up of the wrong pieces.

And now here we are here, wherever here is and with a 24/7 radio show running through your mind, each song recalling the most important life experience.

You look around and life has been purposely minimalized. The hangers-on, fakers and fakirs have finally been deleted, the newbies go through that revolving door never to return again, going out means staying in watching “Criminal Minds” and you can choose whether to be alone or have company, but these days, there is no new music.

Yes, if you can’t be with the one, love the one you’re with, but you’ve played that game before and, at the end, all it made you do is make you wanna Cry. She was not her. It was just some emotional rescue until it ran its course.

That 24/7 radio station in your mind is still playing those same old songs to remind you of what really mattered and when and why.

And yes, everybody’s talking at me, but I don’t hear what they’re saying, only the echoes of my mind.

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